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For 46 years it has been my privilege and pleasure to be a practicing attorney. I love the law and I love the fact that for all these many years it has given me the ability to help people in need and with needs.

I am proud to tell you that for all these 46 years I have worked so very hard for every one of my clients to make sure that the law worked for them. I believe that I have been extremely successful in that regard.
I have tried and settled personal injury cases in Oregon and Washington involving either verdicts or settlements in excess of $4.5 million.
My law firm, Gary M. Bullock & Associates, handles most areas of civil law but I concentrate my efforts on Personal Injury, Contract, Divorce, Real Estate and Construction Law. While I have handled and won real estate disputes involving monies in excess of 20 million dollars, I don't believe that one big case or many is the measure of a successful lawyer. How I treat you and handle your case is the measure of my success.
It is important to me to become friends with my clients and their families and to have a long standing relationship both business and personal. I have felt that way from the day I first became an associate lawyer in a prestigious personal injury law firm in Portland, Oregon. I was fortunate in being very successful in the cases assigned to me, so much so that I was made an equal partner in 18 months.
After High School I attended Oregon State University. I had to work to help with school expenses and during those years I worked primarily in plywood mills, sawmills and logging companies.
After graduating from college with a degree in business administration I joined the United State Air Force and received a commission as a second lieutenant. When I left the Air Force in 1962 I was the squadron commander of the 27th tactical fighter wings headquarters squadron. I loved the Air Force and had a great time while serving but I knew that I wanted to go back to college and become a lawyer.
Today I am very successful as a lawyer, but more importantly as a husband, father and grandfather. My wife of 35 years is my best friend and my office manager. She was the chairman of the Home Economics Department of the Lake Oswego School District when I spirited her away to work for me. We have 4 wonderful children and 10 happy grandchildren.
Life is good for me. When I take your case I will give it my all to make it good for you.